It's you and me babe, it's always going to be you and me.

Oh I'm back with quite a bunch of nice stuff;

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Just in case you don't know, Skins is a popular British teen drama that has been aired on E4 every Thursday at ten o'clock. Season three's finale aired on Thursday the twenty sixth of March.
Skins has been shown since 2007 and it starts from January to March in the UK.
But yeah, I'm a very big fan of this show, so I made icons :)

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- please credit xfranziexx at layered_ex if you take any icons.
- DO NOT redistribute or claim as your own, I worked hard on these guys, don't steal, it'll piss me off A LOT.
- Textless icons are not bases.
- Comments are always very appreciated and I always accept any constructive criticism.
- Feel also free to join/watch Layered Exclusion for any updates.
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Singing la la la la la la la la leh.

I swear this is the last time I change the layout for a while.

Anyway, I come here with my second batch of textures, I hope you guys like them :)


You may use these as long as you:

- Do not claim these as your own.
- Credit xfranziexx @ layered_ex
- Have fun with them!


~ If you like what you see, why not Join/Watch?

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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I keep changing layout, cause, well, I'm never satisfied, there.
It's been a long time since I posted, but this community is definitely not dead, or abandoned by me for that matter. The holidays have just finished, so hopefully things will start to liven up a bit more.

Anyway, my post is not completely pointless, I come bearing some goodies, my first ever textures, which I hope you guys like =)

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An Assortment of Icons

I'm not sure whether people have lost interest in this community or have forgotten about it, but if it is the latter, I have come to remind you. :P If you guys have lost interest, well then just ignore this post. Haha. Enjoy!

[1-5] Movies
[6-10] Actors
[11-13] Music Artists
[14-16] Kingdom Hearts
[17-20] Misc.



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I want to sink to the bottom with you.}

I feel like I've been neglecting Kurt, for some reason, so I decided to make a new layout dedicated to him, I don't know about the banner though,.

Anyway, I come to you today with a whopping amount of 60 Icons!!

[60] Icons
[1-9] Love
[10-25] The Tudors
[26-37] Random Stock
[38-47] Cake, Cupcakes and other sweets
[48-52] Kurt Cobain
[53] Jimi Hendrix
[54-60] Fashion

Teaser Teaser Teaser

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