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layered_ex's Journal

Layered Exclusion
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Layered Exclusion.}
We only do this because we're having fun.
Layered Exclusion was originally founded by Franzie with the help of Bec and Lottie who for some unknown reason accepted the almost impossible challenge of collaborating with someone so close to intolerability. For your information they both came out alive.
This community was created for a small group of people from a forum called boolprop,
the main purpose for this is for that small group of people to post their icons and graphics and receive their much deserved comments, either from it's original members or from people throughout Livejournal.
The community is not really owned by anyone, apart from that small group of people who are allowed to post.
The very brave and valorous Bec and Lottie have accepted also to coordinate alongside Franzie and keep things in order.


- Please do not claim any of our creations as your own, we spend our time making them and we would like our icons to be appreciated properly.

- Credit us, as much as you find it boring and time wasting, not crediting us is pretty much like claiming an icon/banner/etc as your own.

- Rudeness of any kind is not tolerated, if you don't like our icons, don't say anything.

- This is a moderated posting community, but completely open for anyone to join. If you would like to post your icons here, just contact one of the maintainers.


The maintainers are xfranziexx, rebecca92 and lmp_negative
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